about me

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.      –Rumi
I am an Herbalist & Reiki Master with 16 years of practice. I am a culmination of all of my teachers, ancestors, guides, life experiences and study. The journey toward emotional freedom, self compassion and self love is the drive behind my work; to help liberate from sometimes unseen limitations that might be subconsciously holding you back in any part of your life. I want to guide you back to your timeless self, your inner home.
I offer support around emotional growth in the form of flower and gem essences. I offer craniosacral and reiki sessions for relief from emotional and physical pains. I’d love to talk to you about herbs that will nourish your body mind and soul. And if yoga is your love, let’s create a customized class just for you.
Our dense human bodies can be difficult to communicate with. They can be volatile, fearful, and react from habit, learned response, and hurt, rather than with the compassion we deserve.  Our life initiations and traumas can embed in our tissues during those times we have forgotten our true nature, and what we are capable of. When we return to center, we can release the aches and pains of life and transmute this into part of the beauty of our human experience.




Current/Ongoing Menducation:  Sacred Vibes Leadership Team, Adv. Craniosacral Therapy, Path of Freedom Mindfulness Meditation Training, Just Food food justice courses, Woman Rising Flower Essence Practitioner Collective, Akashic Record Program & How to Live Fully in Human Skin