Melissa is a holistic care center unto herself. She is lucky because she has found her calling, but she owes her success to hard work, dedication and an open mind. This most clearly comes across in her interactions with her clients – no problem is too big or too small for her. Ever since I started seeing Melissa almost two years ago, she has listened to my verbal complaints, as well as the subtle communications from my physical body with unwavering attention; and shared her wealth of knowledge with generosity and grace. I have enjoyed the benefits of her expertise in gem and flower essences, in addition to the tea blends and tinctures she makes using her many years of training in herbalism. I am grateful to her for helping me cultivate an empowered relationship between my mind and body.  -Y.U.

Melissa is a vessel and channel for the most high. As such, she taps into the Akashic Records with ease. This is a most insightful and powerful source for all things spiritual. When my essence was being lovingly created, there were aspects of my subconscious brought to light that I overlooked or had not explored yet! Having these areas illuminated was most divine and helpful. Partnering with the floral essence allowed for my healing of these areas tucked into the subconscious. Setting an intention to cleanse the emotions and mental thought patterns, along with the essence truly assisted me with healing and releasing low vibratory patterns no longer serving me. I am eternally grateful for Melissa and this divine healing modality! -C.F.