flower and gem essences

flower closeup for label2Flower essences are preparations made from the essence of a flower, each containing their own unique vibration. They help support and transform the emotional body by addressing our subconscious imprints, allowing for release from old patterns and bringing clearer thinking, lowered anxieties.  
Gem essences are preparations made from the essence of a gemstone. They address recurring physical issues at their root. Most people require an average of 5 sessions for this process.  Distance/Skype sessions are available for both modalities. 
Flower Essence Consultation:    60-75 min           $150 (single)
This consultation can involve 3 sessions, 1 each month. Each session includes a new custom made flower essence for you to take throughout the month and ongoing email support.
Pay for all 3 sessions upfront, receive 10% off                       $405
Gemstone Essence Session:          75 min.                              $180 (single session)
I offer a 5 session package, this involves one session weekly.
Pay for all 5 sessions upfront, receive $60 off                      $840          


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